Accessing a Basic Broadband Service

The Government set a target for all UK homes and businesses to have access to a Basic Broadband Service (at least 2mbps download speed) by the end of 2015.  To do this, they made available the option of a subsidised basic broadband installation for eligible properties.

This national scheme will contribute towards the cost of equipment and installation of a satellite / wireless broadband connection. Customers will be able to choose from a range of options including packages with higher speeds or greater monthly data caps.

Update 29th November 2017.  The Government has extended the scheme, which will now continue through 2018.

Who can have a subsidy?

  • The property must be in the e-Sussex area (East Sussex, Brighton and Hove)
  • You cannot be capable of receiving a broadband connection of more than 2mbps from the BT Openreach network
  • The property cannot receive other, alternative broadband services of at least 2mbps
  • A unique code from the scheme must not have already been assigned to the property
  • The property must have been assessed as being in an area of market failure for basic broadband provision and be  eligible for State Aid
  • Survey work has not started to deliver publicly-funded fibre-based broadband which is capable of delivering at least 2mpbs to your property (we will advise of this when assessing your application)

Then what ?

If you are eligible for subsidy you will be able to choose a service from any of the service providers covering this area that are part of the scheme. They will be offering a variety of packages that you can choose from. You should choose one based on the amount of data you expect to use each month and the speed of the connection you would like. Participating service providers are:

If you are interested in this scheme please read the full scheme guide.

Once you have read the guide, if you think you are eligible and would like to proceed, you can submit an application here

After you submit the application form we will check the local deployment plans to see whether you are expected to get an improved service. If you are not scheduled to be upgraded and we can confirm that you are unable to access services of at least 2Mbps, you will be sent an email with a subsidy code and instructions on how proceed.

You can access further FAQs on the scheme here by clicking on this link: FAQs 

You can access information for communities on aggregating subsidy codes under the scheme by clicking on this link: aggregating codes