Consultation for state aid

The eSussex programme, run by East Sussex County Council, is commencing a third round of intervention activity.  It is expected that this will result in one or more contracts being let to the private sector to help build improved broadband capabilities in some of the hardest to reach areas of the county.  

A consultation is being run ahead of this commercial activity to confirm the areas that are still in need of improved broadband services and that will qualify to receive state aid.

This State Aid consultation is intended to provide potential suppliers with an opportunity to comment. It may also be of interest to ISPs and members of the public. 

The mapping has been completed at seven-digit postcode level.  We are now working to improve services for the hardest to reach premises often referred to as the 'final 5%.'  This means the remaining properties that tend to be widely dispersed and geographically spread.  Often there are now only one or two premises in a postcode area that are below the Government’s new target of 30Mbps.  In order to capture these, we have mapped any postcode with even a single premises below this speed as ‘eligible for further intervention’ (shown white) in the consultation document. 

The State Aid consultation document includes the Brighton and Hove area to aid any intervention that Brighton and Hove City Council may wish to make in addition.

The consultation document, including how to respond, coverage maps and a postcode list can be downloaded from this website.

Consultation document

Postcode list