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For a business to succeed in today's global economy, faster, more reliable broadband is essential. Not only does it allow businesses to work faster and more efficiently, it can reduce costs, create jobs and help businesses to grow

With faster speeds, small and large businesses can boost their productivity, even at the busiest times of day. Great connectivity means more reliable and consistent service, regardless of the number of users online at the same time. It will present new opportunities for businesses to become more resilient, communicate with customers and clients online, improve customer service and open the door to doing more business, including overseas.

Faster broadband will give East Sussex businesses a competitive edge to attract outside investors and businesses looking to set up or relocate. This will create further opportunities for existing businesses to expand, boost employment and strengthen the local economy.

There is a wealth of information, support and resources available online. See links below for example. 

Swift digital business skills project, funded by GEO and run by East Sussex County Council in partnership with local providers: