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Faster broadband at home can benefit the whole family. Having a faster connection can open up a world of opportunity for the whole household. 

As more devices enable access to more online services, audio and video content - through tablets, smartphones, HD televisions and gaming consoles - it’s all about ‘streaming’ nowadays and we expect to be able to do pretty much everything online and instantly. 

Although straight-forward tasks such as checking emails can be done with a basic internet connection, faster broadband opens new doors:

It allows you to access online services quickly and easily, whatever the time of day, however many people are online at once - Ofcom says that the average household now owns more than three types of internet-enabled device, with 1 in 5 owning six or more.

It is not only on day-to-day items, groceries and household goods where savings can be made by shopping online - you can often cut the cost of your insurance or utility bills by comparing packages, switching to a new provider, and opting to pay online.

Faster broadband will help you stay in touch with friends and family by using video call services like Skype or FaceTime or access services from the comfort of your home.