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As a digital business the internet is our life blood. As the company has grown over the years, our reliance on high speed internet has increased. With six employees sharing a 6mbps connection we invariably had to make compromises to ensure we were able to work effectively:

  • Planning to download large files at off-peak times to ensure everyone else was able to work effectively;
  • Limited ability to use teleconference and Skype;
  • Limited ability to complete online training courses requiring video streaming.

On top of this our phones were internet based and used the same broadband line leading low call quality.  In some instances we would even have to put the caller on hold and ask everyone to stop any downloads and other high bandwidth activity until the call had finished.

When Superfast broadband arrived on Lewes High Street we were one of the first adopters. The results have changed our working environment significantly. Large downloads take a few minutes and our phones have been glitch free from the day we upgraded. Staff are able to listen to streaming music whilst they work which improves morale.

The fast upload speeds have also helped us expand our business and we have produced online video; something we simply wouldn't have been able to pursue before moving to Superfast. As a digital business fast internet is a must-have for us and we couldn't imagine going back!

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