Lisa Whitehorn

Lisa Whitehorn: entrepreneur, business owner, East Sussex digital champion

Lisa Whitehorn, an entrepreneur with a vision, launched her new company AUnipac  in 2014.    

Lisa’s aim is to make AUnipac a household name by offering a one-stop-shop for UK and International student’s essential university items for their first year, enabling them to move into student accommodation, without the worry of rushing around purchasing start-up goods to make their rooms into a home.

In the process of making her vision a reality, Lisa attended the SWIFT digital business skills course ( to brush up on existing skills and develop news ones to ensure her new business was developed and run in a professional way, to meet customer expectations and ensure success.  Lisa said of the course:

“I cannot really express how much I have learnt whilst being on this course and that I now have an unquenchable thirst to learn more to enable my business to grow and become successful.  I am a braver, stronger and a more confident person who had a ‘good idea’ that I’m turning into a ‘great business’’”

Key to Lisa’s business growth is the need for good, reliable digital connectivity, in order to run her website from which customers can place orders and communicate with the company.  Lisa is firm in her commitment to provide excellent customer service, and modern technologies are critical to her being able to achieve this.  She feels she’s been helped to achieve this, as a result of the impact of the eSussex ( broadband infrastructure developments in the County.  As she explained:

“Prior to the eSussex intervention in my area, my broadband was hit-and-miss at the best.  There was no way I’d have been able to start my new business and benefit from the wealth of applications available to me to promote and manage it in the best way.  Being able to access fibre broadband has made it possible for me to set up an interactive website, which is the showcase for my business and key means of attracting and supporting my customers.  I can and do also make use of Facebook, Twitter, using blogs and other applications to market and stimulate demand for AUnipac, enabling the business to grow and mature, whilst cultivating a solid and happy client-base who have trust and confidence in the ability of AUnipac to deliver excellent and responsive customer service”.

Digital technologies – the way forward for East Sussex businesses.  Find out more about Lisa’s business by visiting her site at:

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