Marian Child, Swift Participant

Video and commercial photography

Why did you sign up to the Women and Broadband programme?

When Marian joined the Swift Project she offered video for commercial companies, short videos for internet and training purposes and commercial photography. She also offered specialised photography courses for property agents.

She wanted to achieve job satisfaction through good customer feedback and to challenge her personal abilities. Mentoring and meeting people with similar challenges and perhaps working with another person were also part of her focus, as was trying to pay off the costs of setting up her business.

How have you benefited personally?

“My digital skills are good but I attended the Facebook course for any useful tips, of which there were many and I am going to be attending a web design course for the same reason. Whilst you may only learn a few things, they are worth it.”  

“I have also focused on the areas of my business that I really don’t like doing such as accounts and  finance planning. A very surprising workshop that I really feel my business will benefit from is the Negotiating skills course.”

“Rather than diversifying my business, I have found a niche and I am really focusing on that. This has helped me target the clients I am interested in working with.”

“The peer to peer group meetings have probably been the most important part of the Swift project for me. They give us a confidential forum where we can discuss issues we have with our businesses, how we can apply topics learnt from the Swift Project to address these issues, and of course our successes. Feedback from other “Swifters” is absolutely invaluable. They can provide another view, ideas, and solutions that are not obvious to you as you can get a bit blinkered working on your own.”

“On the back of this a few of us have formed an accountability group. We share our 12 month goals then break them down into 6 month and 3 month goals and then we plan what to do in the next month to work towards those goals. We list the tools we may need to achieve those goals.”

“Once a month we meet up to go through these and reset the following month’s measurable goals. All this is done with a timer, so it doesn't end up like a coffee morning! We have also set up a Facebook group to discuss work and support each other through the month.”

“We have only had one meeting and our next one is just around the corner, but I think we are all benefiting from being driven already.”

“In addition I am also in the early stages of starting up a co-working group where workers can meet in a place, set up their laptops, files etc., and work. This will help those that work on their own all day. They get the opportunity to ask for help from other members. It is not a meeting, just a place to work in company.”

What happened next or what are you planning to do next?

Without Swift I would have carried on doing the same thing and not progressed. I felt I was losing courage and focus in my business, but this programme has helped me to meet my goals. My new website is nearly ready. I am feeling focused. I have my targets documented and I have a mini support team behind me. 

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