Norman Hance

'If you don’t know, ask'

Norman Hance has been a resident of Lewes since 1977 following a 30 year career in the military and is eager to spread the word, highlighting the benefits he has found of being an avid Broadband user. Although mainly self-taught, nonetheless, Norman works on the maxim that ‘if you don’t know, ask’, and has sought assistance as needed. Norman says:

“I have Superfast Broadband installed in my equipment and have had so almost as soon as it came to Lewes.   Having read an article in the County Council’s magazine to all residents and businesses called ‘Your County’, it says in the article that Superfast Broadband is not just for the young and I would agree totally.

"I find when talking to people of my age spectrum that, never mind Superfast Broadband, computers terrify them. I try, whenever I can, to dispel that fear and assist people to make use of this technology, but it can be an uphill task at times. I have invited people into my home to demonstrate what can be done but with limited joy - the amount of fear is quite amazing. One of the main reasons given is that "I am not clever enough to work one of those, I am too old". It is at this point I mention that I am in my 84th year!!

"I have both a PC and laptop, as well as a tablet, and I use them all for my banking, on-line purchasing, record-keeping and all other contacts, except food shopping. I still want to go to the shops etc.

I really would be quite lost now without my computer, and I feel it is a tragedy that many "older" people cannot see themselves as one of the IT people. It really is not that hard, after all as the quote says "the only thing you have to fear is fear itself"

So go for it. May the IT force be with you!"

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